Remembering Tony Mazzocchi

Please join us this month as we take a moment to reflect on the life and legacy of Tony Mazzocchi, who our organization is named after.

“Tony had the ability to take his larger, visionary ideas and apply them to the daily struggles every local has,” Diane Stein, Tony Mazzocchi Center staff, reflects.

“While I was not a member of Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union (OCAW) Local Union 8-149 during Tony’s tenure as president of the local, even years later our executive board conducted itself by the principles he had established. Tony always kept his eye on the bigger prize of worker power and social justice, while at the same time he understood that the members’ current concerns had to be addressed. In our local, which represented chemical and pharmaceutical plants, safety and health activism was at the core of many of our struggles. Our members knew that as a local we all had each other’s backs and that we would not give up on fighting for what was right.”

Our organization and partnerships continue striving to honor Tony with our mission to eliminate, or at the very least reduce, workplace injury, illness and death. We believe that sharing Tony’s fight for safer workplaces and a healthier environment is what we must do to ensure a brighter future for everyone. Our training programs and initiatives are centered around workers, their families and their communities. We believe in equality, equity, inclusivity and fairness for all, and do not stand for anything less.

Thank you, Tony, for inspiring us and paving the way.

Watch "Life and Words of Tony Mazzocchi" here.