Tony Mazzocchi: Reflecting on our namesake

Please join us this month as we take a moment to reflect on the life and legacy of Tony Mazzocchi, who our organization is named after.

We chose the month of June to pause and reflect because of Tony’s birthday, which is June 13.

Our organization and partnerships continue striving to honor Tony with our mission to eliminate, or at the very least reduce, workplace injury, illness and death. We believe that sharing Tony’s fight for safer workplaces and a healthier environment is what we must do to ensure a brighter future for everyone. Our training programs and initiatives are centered around workers, their families and their communities. We believe in equality, equity, inclusivity and fairness for all, and do not stand for anything less.

Thank you, Tony, for inspiring us and paving the way.

Watch "Life and Words of Tony Mazzocchi" here.