User Safety Notice: 3M™ Scott™ C420 Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) blowers

Please review the user safety notice from 3M Scott about the C420 Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) blowers.

From 3M Scott:

For the full user safety notice (pages 1-3), please click here.

Impacted Dates: August 2020 – September 2021

3M™ Scott™ C420 PAPR blowers are safe to use once the instructions in this notice are carried out.

We have been informed by the manufacturer of the C420 blower unit, OEM supplier AirBoss Defense Group (ADG), that ADG identified a population of production with the potential for internal impeller disengagement from the blower motor. ADG has advised that in such circumstances the PAPR respirators will still maintain user protection and continue to function unpowered. However, the disengagement may result in loss of powered air. Inhalation resistance experienced by the user at the loss of powered air is slightly less than that of a non-powered APR. Note that, per 3M Scott Operation and Maintenance Instructions (595130-01, Rev. E2, Page 37) “if the positive pressure from the blower ceases for any reason, leave the contaminated area immediately”.

To ensure 3M’s products meet your operational needs and expectations, we have established a mitigation and repair plan. 3M would like you to return the potentially impacted units to our OEM supplier ADG for repair and service. Please refer to page 2 for instructions on how to identify units which may be impacted by this notice. If any are identified, please contact ADG Customer Service at +1.301.352.8800 and identify yourself as a 3M Scott customer or submit the attached form to
[email protected]
. They will provide you with a shipping label and a date in which your units are requested to be shipped to them for repair.

It is ADG's recommendation that any units identified as being within the target range be quarantined until repaired. For customers that are unable to quarantine units, we advise that you work directly with ADG to expedite your repair or provide other options.

For the full user safety notice (pages 1-3), please click here.

Information and image courtesy of 3M Scott.