Workers complete Radiological Control Technician training program at Portsmouth

The USWTMC is proud to announce that 16 students completed the Portsmouth RCT Training in September 2022.


The United Steelworkers (USW) Tony Mazzocchi Center (TMC) is proud to announce that 16 students have completed and graduated from the Portsmouth Radiological Control Technician (RCT) Training on Sept. 22, 2022.

In February of last year, the USWTMC started an eight-month RCT Training at the Portsmouth Department of Energy (DOE) site. During this training, a total of 16 selected students were trained by USWTMC worker-trainers on the academics required to become an RCT at a DOE site. In order to successfully complete the program, students had to pass two exams to show their proficiency in and understanding of the academic material. All 16 students successfully passed the exams, and graduated from the program.

The USWTMC would like to thank all of the worker-trainers who dedicated themselves to ensuring the students’ success in this program. The trainers devoted a substantial amount of their time, energy and knowledge to this program.

“The instructors provided an open environment and encouraged conversation for peer-to-peer education,” Joshua Murray, a graduate of the program, said.

Andria Smalley, the RCT program coordinator for the site, expressed that it was an honor to teach this trade to local community members. Smalley is also a member of USW Local Union 1-689 and a TMC worker-trainer.

“I know the students will do great things and be a wonderful reflection of the USW and our RCT program,” Smalley said.

The USWTMC would also like to thank USW Local 1-689 and the Pike County Career Technology Center for their support.

The Center congratulates all the students who graduated. Their hard work and dedication were exhibited in the time and energy in which they devoted to this program.

The USWTMC also recognizes the graduates’ commitments to health, safety and the environment through their commitment to this program, and now to this field.

“I understand the importance of this career and the need for radiological protection for both myself, [my] coworkers and for the general public,” Murray said.

The USWTMC wishes all of the students well as they embark on their journeys as RCTs and are proud of their accomplishments.

A full list of the graduating students can be found below:

  • Matthew Bennett
  • Laura Bray
  • Adam Bushatz
  • Robert Baker
  • La.Costa DeVall
  • Cassie Hiles
  • Emily Hines
  • Jenny Knisley
  • Jacob Mathews
  • Steven McGraw
  • Cody Moore
  • Joshua Murray
  • Kevin Niner
  • Isaac Peed
  • Kilee Perdue
  • Jacob Shelton

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All pictures courtesy of Fiona Galley.